A Year in Review of the NSW Health Commercialisation Training Program

Another year has come to a close for the long-running NSW Health Commercialisation Training Program. It offers free support to anyone in NSW who is committed to transforming their visionary ideas into biomed and health tech solutions that help our clinicians and improve patients' lives.

We are celebrating a remarkable cohort of participants who are helping to create a better health system for people in NSW, Australia and globally.  It is a privilege to work alongside hundreds of these innovators who have shown a deep commitment to driving their groundbreaking innovations from an idea to becoming a reality.

"Attending the NSW Health Commercialisation Training programs at Cicada Innovations have been truly transformative. They excel at empowering founders and researchers to navigate the journey from concept to viable product and thriving business. Their comprehensive approach equips participants with invaluable tools and strategies, making it an indispensable resource for anyone looking to bring their ideas and discoveries to life in the real world."


A Heartfelt Thank You

NSW Health has been deeply committed to supporting our researchers, clinicians, entrepreneurs and innovators in providing them with the training, support and networks they need to advance their health tech innovations and ultimately improve patient outcomes.  Through the Commercialisation Training Program, NSW Health continues to invest in the people of NSW who are driving innovation in the medical and health sector. It has been a privilege for Cicada Innovations to be the delivery partner for this transformative and impactful program.

This would not be possible without our community of world-class partners, facilitators and mentors whose expertise spans a wide range of critical areas, including intellectual property, market discovery, regulatory pathways and clinical trials, reimbursement strategies, strategic sales, and fundraising. Our mentors are a diverse group of founders, industry partners, subject matter experts, investors, and healthcare professionals. Their guidance has not only empowered our participants but has also fostered a community of innovators ready to tackle the most pressing challenges in the healthcare sector. Thank you for making this program a success and for your continued dedication to nurturing the next generation of health tech leaders.


Thank you to our speakers William Hird, Gavin Recchia, David Lloyd, Duncan Macinnis, Jess Smith, Orin Chisholm, Phillip Kwok, Mark Flynn, Grace Lethlean, Bronwyn LeGrice, Dean Whiting, Justin Meredith, Martin Hayes, Harikesh Pushpanathan, Elisa Mokany, George Papadopoulos, Michael Lamprecht, Grace Gowda, Julie Ince-Demetriou, Amy Prawira, Jennifer Herz, Sharon Sagnella, Michael Kassiou, Shanny Dyer, Julia Warning, Chris Alma Lynette Walter, Maryam Parviz, Marina van der Merwe, Phil Burns, Chandra Sukumar and many others.

How the Program works

The NSW Health Commercialisation Training Program is an initiative dedicated to supporting health innovators in NSW by providing tailored training to enhance their commercialisation skills and knowledge. Anyone in NSW can access the Program for free and get the help they need to build their idea into a solution. 

Through a series of online and face to face courses, seminars, and in-depth modules, participants can build the knowledge and confidence to start and run successful health tech companies. This will ultimately increase their ability to improve patient outcomes and create economic opportunities within the health tech sector in the state and beyond.

Designed for researchers, scientists, clinicians, and entrepreneurs working on medtech and biotech innovations, this program offers a flexible, stage-specific approach that allows participants to join at any point.

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One Day Seminars

The one-day seminar series covers four essential topics crucial for the commercialisation and development of health innovations: intellectual property, regulation and regulatory affairs, clinical trials, and navigating the healthcare system. Delivered by industry and healthcare experts, they provide comprehensive overviews, practical advice, and use case studies to equip participants with actionable insights and guidance on tackling the challenges of commercialisation.

Customer Discovery Course

The Customer Discovery course helps innovators understand the needs and pain points of their target market, essential for developing successful healthcare solutions. Participants learn to validate hypotheses by engaging with patients, healthcare providers, and payers. The course covers techniques for effective interviews, market opportunity assessment, customer segmentation, communication plans, and commercial strategy. By the end, participants are equipped to create impactful, user-centred innovations that align with market demands, improve patient outcomes, and increase the likelihood of regulatory approval and investment.

“I learned that the game in commercialisation is to never forget about the patient. They are why we do what we do. Our idea might be amazing but we will fail if we can't commercialise and get it to the people who need it most.”


Business Fundamentals Course

Business Fundamentals helps you understand how to set up a sustainable health tech business. This course covers essential topics such as company formation and structure, basic business financials, funding options, team building, sales and distribution, negotiation, and developing an effective IP strategy. Gain valuable insights from experts in law, finance, communications, sales, and investment, and apply their practical advice to confidently launch and grow your health tech venture. Over three intensive days, you’ll build a solid foundation for your future endeavours.

“Our company has only been incorporated for 4 months, so it has been extremely relevant for us. Learning the fundamentals at the start of our organisation is perfect.”


Specialisations Courses

Specialisation Courses delve into the nuances of different types of healthcare and medical solutions, including medical devices, software, therapeutics and diagnostics. Each specialisation course provides crucial knowledge specific to each sector, including the path to market, regulatory challenges, and business models. Participants gain insights from industry experts, receive feedback from mentors, and build valuable connections. Designed for innovators with an idea to work on, whether at an early stage or further along, these courses are available both in person and online.

“The most important benefit of this course for me was the connections I could make with people. In addition, the sessions with the previous founders was amazing.”


What’s next

With the healthcare landscape rapidly evolving, there has never been a more crucial time to drive innovation that is developed in the context of the challenges clinicians and patients are facing. The NSW Health Commercialisation Training Program stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and education in fostering breakthrough advancements. We are immensely proud of this year's cohort and the strides they have made. As we look to the future, we are excited to continue supporting the next wave of health tech innovators.

Cicada Innovations

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