Cicada X Tech23 2023 Insights Report

Rewriting Australia’s deep tech narrative

At Cicada Innovations, we’ve spent 23 years working to uncover the true nature of Australia’s deep tech sector. This year, 128 startups applied to showcase their ideas at Cicada x Tech23, an annual festival celebrating radical innovation in the world of deep tech. The insights we gathered reveal the gaps and misconceptions that persist in Australia’s deep tech narrative – and importantly, how we can begin to rewrite it.

In this report, we investigate the origin stories of several emerging deep tech founders – where, how and why they started their businesses – to demonstrate the breadth and diversity of talent we have here in Australia. This report showcases insights that will make entrepreneurs rethink what it means to be a startup founder and encourage governments, investors, universities and industry to reimagine their role in supporting the next wave of innovators.

Cicada x Tech23 Insights Report

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Celebrating brave ideas
at Cicada x Tech23


The 2023 Cicada x Tech23 event shone a spotlight on 23 of Australia’s emerging deep tech ventures.


Founders from across the nation applied to stand on stage and present their innovation and bold visions to potential investors industry leaders, and government officials - who can support them at a crucial stage in their journey.


The event asked big questions about the future, and encouraged the ecosystem to lean in and support the people and ideas that will revolutionise world.


Meet the Tech23 of 2023

Be one of 23.

If you’re an emerging deep tech venture with a bold vision to share, apply to be one of the 23. 

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