The Grains Challenge
Grains Elevate


Grains Elevate is an immersive 2-day workshop with a supporting e-learning course designed to empower deep tech startups to explore their potential for commercialisation in the Grains industry.

This opportunity is fully funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

This course will give you unique access to experts, entrepreneurs and operators who will provide specialist advice on how to build a deep tech business in the Grains industry.

You will gain the knowledge and confidence to:

  • Articulate your unique value proposition and place in the market
  • Become "grant ready"
  • Build partnerships and find investors
  • Expand your network with key industry and ecosystem experts in the sector

The workshop will take place on 21st & 22nd May 2024 at Cicada Innovations in Sydney. Workshop places are limited to 20 people.

To book your place in Grains Elevate please apply via the form below, telling us about your deep tech business and why you would like to join us.  

Applications close 10 May 2024.

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"An enlightening, intensive, fulfilling, and hard but good hard, two days. A real eye opener and I really wish I had this sort of training 5 years ago"


Euan Ramsey-Stewart, Founder of Acerca
DTCP Elevate 2022 Cohort


The Cicada x GRDC Grains Challenge

Australia is a global leader in grains production. Supplying the world with grains for food, fuel, feedstock, renowned for the quality and varieties exclusive to Australian land.

To maintain our global leadership the grain growers need new technology to solve the industry's most pressing problems; from productivity, yield, efficiencies, costs and volatile markets. With a growing demand for food and net zero targets, we need innovations to deliver new and improved varieties, farming practices, and technologies that enable new capability to the Australian grains industry.

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