Are you part of the deep tech village?

As the dust settles on this year’s budget, I have reflected on what it means for the deep tech sector in Australia

My hope that ‘short term sugar hits’ would be replaced with long term vision and investment came somewhat true. The Treasurer's budget laid out several foundational measures to support SMEs, encourage startups, and invest in skills and training for the future.

The new Industry Growth Program, an evolution of the Entrepreneurs Program, aims to support early stage startups & SMEs with advice and grants to help them commercialise their ideas and grow. As well as create a pipeline of quality, investment-ready projects for the National Reconstruction Fund, a strong signal of the future-oriented thinking we need. 

Deep tech startups and SMEs are a driver for the future economic growth so it was good to see them included in the federal government’s strategic priorities, but it will take more than just policy and federal funding to see our deep tech sector flourish. 

I’ve said before that it takes a village to raise a deep tech startup. Government has a role to play, but we also need investors, executives, corporates, and community leaders. This is what we’re doing at Cicada x Tech23, assembling the village to support 23 game-changing deep tech startups.

This is NOT a pitch event. Instead, an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with the founders about their mission, vision for the future, and get to know the people behind the technology. Gain insights into the challenges they're tackling and the systems and solutions we need to create positive change across industries and for Australia.  

Our goal is to foster more productive and collaborative relationships and set the stage for long-term partnerships that benefit everyone involved. Are you part of the village that has the means and will to help deep tech startups? Submit your expression of interest to reserve your place in the room.


Interested to find out more about Cicada x Tech23? Visit our website.