Deep Tech Fast Start 2023 - Unlocking the potential in Redback Systems & Archology Systems


What does transforming the study of light in astronomy to practical industrial applications and reshaping urban landscapes with nature-first architectural solutions have in common? These are two endeavours by Redback Systems and Archology Systems that exemplify the dynamic world of deep tech. They are teams with impactful solutions to solve complex global challenges. They are turning scientific breakthroughs and visionary ideas into tangible tools that reshape our world. And they have just marked a significant milestone in their journey by graduating from our Deep Tech Fast Start 2023 program.

Thanks to the funding and support of the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer, these startups have harnessed this unique program to propel their ventures into the forefront of their respective industries and kicked some major business goals. 

Let's meet the teams and graduates of our Deep Tech Fast Start 2023 program.



Fast Start Graduation 2023-40Redback Systems

Entering the NSW Deep Tech Fast Start program, Redback Systems refined their focus, making crucial decisions like discontinuing their flagship product. Out of this strategic move emerged the revolutionary RS10K—a 'lab in a box' celebrated for its simplicity and versatility.

Founded in 2019 as a spin-out from Macquarie University, Redback Systems brings high-level astronomical spectroscopy — the analysis of light to understand material properties. They specialise in creating compact, high-resolution spectrometers capable of capturing a broad spectral range in a single snapshot. This innovative approach eliminates the need for moving parts or using multiple spectrometer systems, making the process more efficient and accessible for a variety of applications.

This plug-and-play solution is designed for a wider audience, eliminating the need for specialised expertise. Redback's dedication to seamless integration and prioritised software development has not only sparked the interest of quantum technology developers and scientists but has also attracted attention from universities.

Recognising the potential to reshape education, universities are actively embracing Redback's technology. The company is now delving into opportunities in the semiconductor market, establishing vital connections, and preparing for a strategic capital raise to scale production. As Redback continues to push boundaries, the future promises innovative strides in quantum technology and education.

Fast Start Graduation 2023-80Archology Systems

Archology Systems addresses a significant challenge—the environmental impact of architecture and urban development. Through the Deep Tech Fast Start program, Archology Systems refined their innovative approach, focusing on urban sustainability amidst the evolving challenges faced by the architecture and construction industry.

Archology Systems are blending architecture and ecology, crafting innovative facade systems tailored for urban environments. Their designs incorporate biophilic principles and cutting-edge technologies to offer multifunctional shading solutions for commercial and residential buildings. These systems not only enhance aesthetics but are also ecologically beneficial, creating habitats for native fauna. With a focus on creating a harmonious balance between the built environment and nature, Archology Systems is pioneering an era of sustainable, nature-first urban design, aiming to cool cities, meet sustainability goals, and foster a closer connection between humans and the natural world.

Within the NSW Deep Tech Fast Start program, Archology Systems gained invaluable insights that played a pivotal role in refining their innovative approach. While conventional solutions implement "bandage fixes" like adding solar panels to rooftops, Archology took a holistic approach. Their innovation aims to build more resilient communities, addressing concerns related to land use planning, building quality, and energy consumption.

Archology's commitment to fostering urban sustainability aligns with the broader goal of creating environmentally conscious cities. By tackling the multifaceted challenges faced by the architecture industry, Archology is paving the way for innovative solutions that not only combat climate change but also enhance the quality of urban living. As Archology Systems continues to pioneer advancements, the future holds the promise of a more sustainable and resilient urban landscape.


Deep Tech Fast Start

As we delve into the success stories of these Deep Tech Fast Start program graduates, it's clear that their innovative ideas and aspirations know no bounds. We eagerly anticipate their ongoing growth, contributing to the advancement of deep tech and fostering a competitive edge in the global landscape.

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